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Anja Antony

Main focus

  • Project Management
  • Conceptual design of models and systems for controlling 
  • IT and technological consultancy

Anja Antony and her references

Wilfried Becker

Main focus

  • Consultancy and represenation in commercial law
  • Commercial and company law
  • Representation of employers and executives in labour law

Wilfried Becker, lawyer

Axel Bergmann

Main focus

  • Corporate Finance / Financial Advisory
  • Steering of Company-Purchases and Sales - Mergers and Aquisitions
  • Structuring, Conception and Realisation of MarketingStrategies

Axel Bergmann and his references

Dieter E. Kannegieter

Main focus

  • Consultancy for medium-sized corporations
  • Internationales tax law
  • Sales taxation

Dieter E. Kannegieter and his references

Anke Krahn

Main focus

  • Brand and product development
  • Implementation of marketing projects
  • Coaching for marketing executives

Anke Krahn and her references

Frank Meyer

Main focus

  • Executive search for executives and specialists
  • Sales, marketing, finance, controlling, technical executives for medium-sized companies and multinational industry and service corporations
  • internationales network with partner companies in Europe and North America

Frank Meyer and his references

Rudolf Moser

Main focus

  • Planning, success calculation and reporting systems
  • Business process, organisation structures
  • Restructuring

Rudolf Moser and his references

Gerd Pontius

Main focus

  • Building and reorganising airlines
  • Process and IT consultancy in areas such as revenue management,reservation & distribution as well as airline controlling
  • informations and planning systems, data warehousing

Gerd Pontius and his references

Arno Schönberg

Main focus

  • Reorganisation, realignment, enterprise foundation
  • Information and planning systems, data warehousing
  • Re-engeneering of complex IT systems

Arno Schönberg and his references