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After studying economics with majors in controlling and organisation at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt and associated universities abroad, Anja Antony started her career in 1987 as trainee in group controlling at Braun AG (Gillette) in Kronberg.

After joining an international management consultancy as junior consultant, Anja Antony joined Treuhandanstalt in Berlin in 1991. In 1992, she took over as head of data management and application development and was project manager for the IT outsourcing.

Since 1995, she is self-employed. The same year, she joined Prologis Cooperation as a partner. 


Main focus

Project Management 

  • Start-Up-Consultancy, developing and implementing strategies and business plans
  • Business and process transformation
  • Strategy-, performance-, and organization development during the project lifecycle


Technological Advisory

  • Analysis and conceptual design of IT architectures, adjustment stategies to recent business development
  • Conceptual design of business intelligence
  • Modernization strategies of  ICT-Systems


Conceptual design of models and related systems in the field of enterpreise performance management and ERP

  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Performance Management (ERP, SAP FI, CO, PS, EC)
  • Analysis of performance relations and cost drivers

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Anja Antony´s references

DeTe-Immobilien GmbH

  • conceptual design and implementation of a planning system for facility management

Deutsche Telekom AG

  • conceptual design and implementation of planning and assessment systems before the IPO (determination of shareholder value, strategic planning)

France Telekom S.A.R.L

  • project management and application consultancy

Allianta, Oregon, USA

  • conceptual design product result calculation as well as project management
  • project management and application consultancy
  • interim management

T-Online International AG 

  • conceptual design and implementation of product result calculation 
  • conceptual design and implementation of controlling systems 

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