Wilfried Becker

Lawyer, specializes in trade and business law
Becker & Becker Business Law


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Wilfried Becker (born 1954) specializes in trade and business law and advises medium-sized companies in Germany and abroad.

After studying law at universities in Freiburg, Hamburg and Göttingen, working as scholarship holder for Robert Schuman foundation with the European Parliament and earning a postgraduate degree at University of Cambridge, he worked at Hamburg´s Max-Planck-Institut, specializing in international civil law.

From 1990 to 1993, he was in-house counsellor of a company listed on the stock exchange.

In 1993, he was one of the founders of PROLOGIS COOPERATION. 

Wilfried Becker lives in Hamburg. He is married to Claudia Becker, lawyer.


Main focus


Consultancy and represenation in commercial law

  • Consultancy in contract design (in German, English, French)
  • Representation in contract negotiations (in German, English, French)
  • Strategic approach for plaintiffs and defendants
  • Represenation in front of German courts
  • Consultancy for law suits in front of courts abroad
  • Enforcing claims in Germany and abroad


Commercial and company law

  • Start-up consultancy (international)
  • Establishing companies in Germany and abroad
  • Consultancy in stock corporation law (including annual shareholders´ meeting)
  • Discretionary supervision of companies in Germany and abroad


Representation of employers and executives in labour law

  • Analysis of judicial and economic starting position
  • Strategic counselling
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Representation in front of German courts

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