Rudolf Moser

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After studying econommics in Freiburg, Rudolf Moser worked for medium-sized and multinational pharmaceutical and medical technology enterprises as well as in environmental services. He has 21 years of experience as an executive.

Since 2000, he works as self-employed management consultant and is part of Prologis Cooperation.

Moser brings in broad experience for all commercial tasks. He concentrates on results and implementation and has shown a lot of team spirit over the years.

Rudolf Moser was born in 1950. He is  married and has two children.

Main focus

Planning, success calculation and reporting systems

Conceptual design of solutions, support in choosing and implementing efficient systems 

References (extract):

  • KAISER Lacke GmbH
  • Hapag-Lloyd Fluggesellschaft mbH
  • jaron.DIRECT GmbH


Business process, organisation structures

Analysis of business processes, remodelling and optimising

References (extract):

  • Hapag-Lloyd Fluggesellschaft mbH
  • Helmut Hein GmbH



Development of restructuring concepts and arrangement of short-team liquidity management; support and coordination during the implementation.

References may be mentioned in personal talks.


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Rudolf Moser´s references



  • Conceptual design for a success calculation, based on the range of products, customers and countries; supporting the technical implementation

jaron.DIRECT GmbH

  • Introduction of a result calculation, based on project, customer and media channels

Hapag-Lloyd Fluggesellschaft mbH

  • Conceptual design for a route success calculation
  • Analysis and restructuring of processes between contract manage-ment, service and goods purchase from daily orders to invoice checking

Helmut Hein GmbH

  • Analysis and restructuring of processes between company head-quarters and branch offices in Germany

T-Systems GmbH

  • Consultancy and support for the implementation of an inter-nationalisation strategy to build new businesses in subsidiaries abroad as well as foundation of new subsidiaries


  • Restructuring concept for two subsidiaries of a German pharma-ceuticals company, constant review during the implemantion


  • multi-project coordination for a charter carrier


  • Restructuring concept for a medium-sized enterprise in construction; monitoring the implementation, representation in financing nego-tiations

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