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Arno Schönberg is founding member of the PROLOGIS COOPERATION and chairman of the board of directors of the PROLOGIS AG as well as the PROLOGIS STRATEGY AG.


After studying computer sciences and business administration at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich, Arno Schönberg was an army officer for eight years. He went on to join the private sector, becoming chief of application development in 1986, and works self-employed as management consultant since 1992.


With his background of designing and implementing ERP systems for large organisations with several hundred branches, his core competencies are temporary reorganisation, realignment and enterprise foundation. More detailed, he specialises in doing the conceptual design and implementation of information and planning applications in internationally operating businesses.



Main focus


Restructuring  / reorientation / foundation of enterprises

  • Development of restructional and adjustment concepts as well as the creation of business plans for start-ups.
  • Support or rather responsibility of the implementation of concepts.                                                                                     

 References will be given in a personal interview. 

Information and planning systems, data warehousing, business intelligence:

  • Economic and technical conception, software selection, development and implementation of IT systems and multidimensional planning systems 


References (extract):

  • EDEKA Aktiengesellschaft

  • Hannover Rückversicherung AG

  • TUI Deutschland GmbH


Reengeneering of complex IT-systems:

  • Analysis and assessment of existing systems with precise recommendation for enhancements 


References (extract):

  • GILDEMEISTER Aktiengesellschaft
  • Hapag-Lloyd AG
  • Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG


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Arno Schönberg´s references

Bridgestone Deutschland GmbH

  • Conceptual design and implementation of an enterprise resource planning system, a new cash register system and a multi-level reporting for all stores

Christoph Kroschke AG

  • Conceptual design and implementation of an enterprise resource planning system incluging a cash register system and an associated management reporting


  • Conceptual design and implementation of a multidimensional planning system for financing and goods
  • Analysis of groupwide Business Intelligence Processes and its future positioning

First Stop Reifen Auto Service GmbH

  • Supporting the conception of future buying processes


  • Audit for the worldwide information system
  • Conceptual design and implementation of a worldwide controlling system

Hannover Rückversicherung AG

  • Business related and technical conception, software selection, development and implementation of a global information system

Hapag-Lloyd AG

  • Conceptual design, software selection, development and implemen-tation of a worldwide information system
  • Strategy study Information Delivery Systems
  • Re-engineering of worldwide Global Data Warehouse

Hapag-Lloyd Fluggesellschaft mbH

  • Conceptual design, choosing of software, development and implemen-tation of an informational system for route management and load optimisation
  • Conceptual design and implementation of cost and result calculation and the associated planning of flight operations
  • Developing a concept for the future cooperation of different IT controlling systems
  • Supporting the integration of Hapag-Lloyd into TUI AG

Richard Borek GmbH & Co. KG

  • Conceptual design and implementation of an information system for the marketing department

Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG

  • Creation of a pilot study for a companywide executive information system to displace the existing data warehouse applications

SULO-Altvater Gruppe

  • Conceptual design and implementation of an information system for management purposes as well as conceptual design and implemen-tation of information and planning systems for production sites and service companies


  • Management support of a telecommunication company for the holding as well as the subsidiary regarding efficiency increase


  • Planning of all organizational, functional and technical core respon-sibilities for a re-organization of a service company of the music branche with a personal growth from 50 to 120 employees within 9 months. Support and representation of the Board during implementation


  • Creation of a business plan for the foundation of a consultancy with 45 employees and growth to 150. Supervision of the foundation and start

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